I don't get it


i don't get it im using

#header-text {


.header-text {

and still get the same error

Add a class selector for ID header-text

# is for id
. is for class

Please give more information, which lesson error ect..


i can't select class selector !! it gives me erorr always !
and i write what it wants

what should i do !! ?


More information please..

Lesson URL, error and full code



I have the same error as the other guys...

"In style.css, add a class selector for the ID header-text."

This is self contradictory...


Can we get an answer to this please?

"In style.css, add a class selector for the ID header-text."

#header-text {


^^ this does not seem to work with the Pound sign, and neither does .header-text ...


@francislao @rubyjumper00998 @khaledba7r

You don't need to create a new rule, where it says:

/* Add the ID selector to this CSS rule */

That's where you will add it, on the next line
To the existing rule that doesn't have a selector


I finally got it, I added #header-text. Before I added #header-text{}... Very confusing exercise.


Instructions are not very clear, I'm going to see if that can be changed :slight_smile:


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