I don't comprehend anythging

I read and type and pass the assessment, but I don’t comprehend anything.
I can’t seem to acquire the language.
This is what leads to tutorial h e l l. I can’t comprehend this module. I just do what it says, typing syntax and it all makes sense because the answers are there, but I can’t do objective without explicit instructions.

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with this. If this is how you feel with the entire module, perhaps what you need to do is, give yourself a break for an hour or so, come back to the module and then start the module over. I’m currently on the html, css portion even though I have a fair bit of web dev experience, I don’t rush reading the explanations and try my best to really understand all of the information. Are you maybe reading the accompanying text for the lessons too quickly and not giving yourself a chance to ponder on what it is saying? Also, have you got any experience in any programming languages before picking up this language? I’d recommend using the Fork option also, in order to give yourself a bit of a sandbox to make your own javascript programs, slowly. It sounds like the concepts are going too fast for you maybe. Sometimes coding can feeling like banging your head against a wall, but just be kind to yourself, ask for help in the discord and try and ask specific questions so we can help slowly unravel all the questions you have. If you are at that point of, I’m so confused I don’t even know what I don’t know, that’s also fine. Start right from the first lesson and then just ask as many questions as you want :slight_smile: in the discord or here.


I would agree with [cloud4809117708]

I think you’re being too hard on yourself.
It takes time and practice to learn any new language.

If you have problems post here or the discord channel I’ve found is also great for support.

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I took a break and came back to the Grammar Check objective of the iterators module.
I followed the instructions and I completed the task without cheating.
Thanks for the encouragement.
I would not have been able to solve this algorithm, but at least I understand the syntax by following the explicit instructions. One thing, I didn’t use the fat arrow.
I used the ‘function’ declaration. Is that going to imped my learning?

Glad to hear you managed to do it! Something to bear in mind, is that when learning to program you will have a lot of times where you feel like how you did, the main thing is about recognising when you’ve become too stressed so you can step away for a bit.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about javascript but I recommend asking that as a new question in the forum :slightly_smiling_face: Another thing though, is don’t resign yourself to not being able to figure out certain algorithms. I’m not sure what the algorithm was, but as you program more, the way you approach problems in that logical kind of way will develop. You may as well be able to come back to that algorithm in a couple months time or more and figure it out all by yourself!

A large part of coding is trying to understand why it works.
Even if you give the input yourself.