I don´t see an infinite cycle


I have a problem on having come to the third lesson from "How to write
your first cycle "For" ", my code this one frees of mistakes and
nonetheless and it says to me that infinite cycles are
generated, that proceeds in these cases? :unamused:
:disappointed_relieved: :confused:


can you post your code here and let us take a look and give you an explanation?

if you want to format your code when you paste it here you have three options

  1. select the code (after you paste it here) and press ctrl + k or
  2. select the code(after you paste it here) and press </> in the tools pane
  3. put this character ` three times at the begining and end of code


// Write your for loop below!
echo "$a";
It says that cycle gone infinite, but i think my code is without problems. I stuck at this for a week. I can't pass it and continue the lessons of php.


can you post a link to that excercise?


now i tried one more time it works.


That is great. :smile:
Happy coding


hi, i have same issue, could you help me pls?