I don’t know how to start building an application and I need help desperately

Hi. I’m new to making applications as I haven’t done it before. So please could you give me tips or tricks for me to overcome my problem please. That would be great, thanks.

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What kind of application? What language?

But really the first thing to do is get a rough idea of what the MVP (minimal viable product) is. What are the simplest things this application can do and still have value as the application. This doesn’t mean all bells and whistles just what is the minimum. So if you wanted to make a calculator, the minimum would be:

  • handle ±/* operators
  • be able to enter numbers 0-9.
  • be able the chain numbers 0-9 and . to make other numbers(i.e 123).
  • be able to handle decimals (only allow one per number)
  • enter valid l expressions using the allowed operators.
  • be able to evaluate the entered expressions (= functionality).
  • have a UI where users can click on numbers.
  • clear calculator.

That might not be a full list but there are some things missing which aren’t needed for MVP but will be desired later on, like entering numbers with keyboard or adding in a history, along with stuff like squaring or square root.

So looking at the MVP, you try to order the functionality in what you can do first. So you might do the UI first. The hook up the numbers. Then hook up the operators. Then hook in rules like you can’t type in two operators without a number in-between (1+*2 isn’t valid). So on and so forth. YoI just break each bit down into a small goal. Then all your small goals will add up to a bigger picture.

Then once you have an MVP you can pick features you want to add and do them one at a time. Until you have the application you want.

I know that maybe isn’t the most useful, but without more information it is hard to say do x or y.


The application what I’m thinking of is like a programming tool or something. I’ll be making it with python.