I do not understand a word


HTML and CSS part 1 10/15

I just do not understand what the lesson means. Are there any people on the same lesson as me? If you are,then please do not waste time and explain to me what the lesson means.


Can you copy the lesson description here for us to see?


Ok so I assume you are on 10.) Link at Will? of Common Elements?


Okay i will do that:

You've probably visited websites where not all links were made up of text. Maybe the links you clicked on were images, or some other form of content.

So far, we've added links that were made up of only text, like the following:

<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opuntia" target="_blank">Prickly Pear</a>

Text-only links, however, would significantly decrease your flexibility as a web developer!
Thankfully, HTML allows you to turn nearly any element into a link by wrapping that element with an anchor element. With this technique, it's possible to turn images into links by simply wrapping the <img> element with an <a> element.

<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opuntia" target="_blank"><img src="#" alt="A red prickly pear fruit"/></a>

In the example above, an image of a prickly pear has been turned into a link by wrapping the outside of the <img> element with an <a> element.

I hope that will help


Hello! Yes I am on that lesson


Hello I still need help


can someone please close this topic? I have understood it now! Sorry!


i need help too can you tell me if you get a reply


You need help on this exersise? Okay then well it's really simple just look at the link you did before


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