I do not know where to put the division problem on Modulo java?

I do not know where to put the division problem on Modulo java ?

Hey mcpemods101, it will be easier for everyone
to help you if you put the code in here for us to see
what you are having problems with, thanks!

Pls put your code in @mcpemods101. Cant wait to see Java :smiley:

1 public class Modulo {

2 public static void main[[cstringargs{


4 int(myremainder);

5 system.out.println(myremainder)


7 }

8 }

@mcpemods101, I noticed in the code you entered
above, you didn’t add a " ; " after


Edit :
I had to go back to the lesson you were on to understand
exactly what you were saying. It’s telling you to use the
Modulo operator to get a result of "2 "using any two numbers
you like. It gave you an example of 15 % 6 wich would equal 3
because 6 goes into 15 2.3 times. So you’re going to need to
come up with two numbers divided into each other that give you
a remainder of “2”.


int myremainder = 20 % 8;

The result of that would be 4.

?? That is not how you initalize a variable. You do

int myRemainder = something.

It seems that I ran into trouble with this question as well. I was thinking as to why I wasn’t getting the right answer. Make sure you choose two numbers that result in a remainder (2) & do not forget to add a (:wink: in the end of a statement.


public class Modulo {
public static void main(String[] args) {

	int myRemainder = 14 % 3;