I do: cd my-quizzes it says 'no such file or directory'

this thing does not work correctly.
i do:
cd my-quizzes
it says ‘no such file or directory’ but sets the first step ‘done’
i do:
git fetch origin
it says nothing and sets second step as erroreous
i do:
git merge origin/master
it says ‘already up to date’ and in the bottom of the screen writes ‘did you merge origin/master into blah-blah-blah’
i do:
go to this forum for the first time and see that i do everything right, but !@#%@#^


Please include a link of the exercise you are on.

Maybe this answer will help: Git merge Part 5 Step 2

i do have the same exact issue. im stuck on git teamwork, on git merge, step two… part 5 step 2 I believe.

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