I did it!

Hey ! It’s official I’ve jsut finish my 30 day challenge :slight_smile:
I’ve learn so much, I’m in the backEnd course, 0 to 54% in 30 days, and I begin the second protfolio project.
Let’s go for 60 days now !


Yay, congratulations! :partying_face:

Keep going!

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Good job! Keep it up, you got this! :muscle:

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well done! Nearly there myself :smile:


yuhuuuuuuuuuuu, way to go!!

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Awesome great work! I just got done with the 30 Day challenge today as well, although I haven’t gotten as far as I thought. There are days where I’ll be attempting to code, and completely forget something simple like whether or not a variable is in the global scope or even worse a syntax error I just can’t seem to conquer lol :rofl:

Warmest regards,


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