I deleted the folder called "tests" by mistake, how do i bring it back? (React Animal Fun Facts project)

Hi all.

I just started the React project of Animal Fun Facts. But i was playing around in the file manager and accidentally deleted the folder called ‘tests’. Now when i hit Ctrl Enter or click ’ Save’ after writing my code, it doesn’t put a green tick mark next to the task i did. It doesn’t check at all, i don’t even get the red cross mark.

I’m guessing that ‘test’ folder had something to do with it, i closed the browser & relogged into my account but still it didn’t come back automatically, how do i get it back please?

Thank you.

Is this a lesson on codecademy, can you can reset it? If you’ve written your own solutions already then copy/paste that somewhere safe before trying to reset the lesson.

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Hey thank you, didn’t notice that “Reset Project” button, that indeed brought the “tests” folder back. :slight_smile:

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Hey sorry to bother again but the “Save” button is still not checking my code even though the “test” folder is back in the file manager.

At 05:17, he clicks Save and the webpage loads on the right: Learn React JSX Animal Fun Facts - YouTube

So i have copy/pasted that exact code in my editor & when i click Save nothing is happening. Not even getting any error. Any ideas why it won’t load the webpage for me?

I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with React or these lessons, you could try adding your code to the fourms and perhaps someone who knows more about the topic can help. Please see How do I format code in my posts? if you do though as formatted code is much easier to read.

Hey it’s alright, turns out React code doesn’t throw any error pop-ups I’m the codecademy console. I was mistyping my code and finally figured it out, thanks for your help!

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