I.D., Please


I made this:

var anObj = { job: "I'm an object!" };
var aNumber = 42;
var aString = "I'm a string!";

console.log( typeof anObj ); // should print "object"
console.log( typeof aNumber ); // should print "number"
console.log( typeof aString ); // should print "string"

and I keep getting the "Oops, try again. Make sure you completed the console.log statements correctly" error. Cant see where the mistake is. Help?



Have you tried using a different browser or refreshing your cache? Your code seems correct, unless my eyes are tired from looking at code all day, I can't seem to find an issue with it. I compared it to my own and it should pass. I tried it with and without spaces (referring to the console.log contents) and it passes.

Let me know if using another browser or refreshing your cache works.


It worked! Thanks for the help =)


Perfect, I'm always happy when things work! :laughing:

Let me know if you need any more help!