I created a character generator for my Mixed Messages project

The Mixed Messages project is specifically a JavaScript program project, but as I continued learning JS after completing this project, I wanted to come back and add HTML and CSS. I created a random character generator instead of a message generator. This is my first program using all 3 languages, and I am very pleased with myself. I know there is still a lot to learn, and I’m sure as I continue to develop my skills in these languages I will discover better ways to write this code. But, I wanted to share, and ask for feedback and ideas.

All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome! Just please keep your feedback cordial.

Here is a link to my program: Character Generator
And here is a link to the project on my github page: Project Files (GitHub)


I love the simple design and the font! The format looks really good and is easy and intuitive to use. Plus, it’s an actually useful project. The only thing you might want to change is the color of the text background. The blue is a little bright and surprised me a little when I first opened the page. I think a darker blue would look nicer.

You did a great job on this daniel!

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Thank you!

You are definitely right about the bright color. Now that I’ve learned a little bit more about design and accessibility, I know that its best practice to avoid too bright colors. I changed it to a darker blue, and also changed the button color to a light blue instead of a green. I also changed the white background to a soft blue color.

I am not a designer, and design isn’t necessarily in the scope of what I’m trying to learn, but I think I should still have a handle on some design principles.

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awesome! it looks even better now, great job on this project! :smiley:

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Hi Daniel,

Really great work; I love the layout and font, superb

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Thanks @chip7102180171 , it was a fun project. At some point I’d like to make it a lot more complex, but I want to continue through the codecademy course for now. I will come back to it at some point in the future!

The script font is not my fave here tbh, it’s very choppy looking and thin. I like the project overall as it has a utility to it which is great and could certainly be scaled to be more in-depth and useful for tabletop gamers or writers.

It may be my screen, but I’m having a hard time with the handwriting style font, especially how the R + ! in Generator in the main content looks like an n so it sort of looks like a misspelling of Generation.

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I can see what you mean. It is kind of difficult to read. I was going for something that had an adventurous feel, and this font resembles Quenya (kind of), but I do think I will change it to a more normal font.

Thank you for your comment.

Script fonts are a nightmare to work with in my experience. On my version of this, I think I must have went through like 6 before I ended up settling on the one I used (Merienda).

Not my fave part of the process, for sure! lol