I could use some suggestions for ways to commit this stuff to memory

ive been working my way through the front end developer course, and when i came to the end of the css section i realized how much material hadnt stuck. should i be taking notes throughout this process? how are you guys actually LEARNING this material. im able to work through these projects fairly easily but a lot of the information filters through my mind.

another thought i had is how can i practice this material after i learn it? i tried to find a “practice” area on codecademy and was unable to find anything. any help would be much appreciated y’all.

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You could certainly take notes. Whatever works for you! Also, check out these threads for some ideas on committing coding to memory, etc.

The best way to practice is to do off-platform projects. Here is an idea of what’s out there:


Also, I find “racing” friends through stuff and seeing who ever does best helps me remember stuff. It may not be the best method, but it works for me. I suggest putting together something you enjoy doing that you can reward yourself with for coding, and knowing the code

I practice my skills by “improving” websites that I personally find deficient. The process of reimplementing features and design, especially on complicated sites, will often stretch your imagination and creativity. You’ll also learn the limitations of CSS and HTML and when Javascript (or a library like React) is the best solution.

One of my favorite challenges is to recreate a site as a single page web app. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll learn where to look and what to look for when you need a reminder. You’ll never remember everything. Knowing what can be done and where to find reminders of how to get it done, this is something even many pros do it sometimes.

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Hi there, you can check this website (Frontend Mentor) out if you want to sharpen up your skill.

Maybe you should try out something from these templates: Responsive Web Design Templates - W3 Schools

Hi, I know from my experience that at the beginning it seems to you that you can just drown in the information that is around and you do not always understand how to apply it correctly and where. I’ll be honest in my case the best solution was to get a job and do small projects. When you actually encounter different tasks and you memorize all the material you learned faster and get faster practice. But this is my personal experience, although many say that they have about the same.

I appreciate all the responses everyone. I feel good about taking notes as I go through codecademy I think that will help things sink in a bit, and when I get to future exercises I can refer to my notes instead of needing to ask for a hints and just open up what the answer is.

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