I cant use Codeacademy in my work?

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I’m trying to use codeacademy in my work to learn python 3, so the problem is that my company network blocked Somme website, Codeacadmey is work properly is not blocked, but when I come to codding windows when I should write the code and passed the exercise it blocked and I cant use


I was wondering if anyone has a solution for that …

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If it’s blocked on your company network, I would STRONGLY advise talking to your company’s network admin or IT people rather than finding a workaround, as companies generally do not appreciate employees trying to circumvent the firewall. It’s a security risk. If they want you to be able to use Codecademy on their network, they’ll unblock it.

Codecademy’s code editor pages use scripts from these domains:


That what I said too, I’m still looking if I can found any way to resolve it,

Thank you

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