I can't understand what's wrong with this

  1. Create a let variable called changeMe and set it equal to the Boolean true.
  2. Set the changeMe variable to the boolean false. Log the value saved to changeMe to the console.

And here is my code:

let changeMe = true;
changeMe = false;

Where’s the mistake in here?
Please please help me to solve this


Could you please post a link to the exercise?

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Did you do it step by step? I mean validating

let changeMe = true;

first, then the rest? There’s no mistake here, so it’s either that, or it could be an issue with your browser I guess?

I’d try resetting the exercise, do it step by step, you haven’t made any mistakes :slight_smile:

If it still doesn’t work, try using another browser, just to check.


Yeah i restarted the browser, at and it worked, i tried step by step before and sent me the error, but it worked already, thank you!

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Oops, found the problem. This is the old learning environment.
This course isn’t supported anymore and could be crippled with bugs…

I’d advise starting over, and for you to take the new course:

That would be much better, you don’t want to proceed with the course you’re currently taking.

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That’s the one i’m taking actually, can you help me with something else?

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