I can't understand what is problem here?

I can’t understand what is problem here? step 6. Thank you for help

Have a look at what git is telling you. What could cause that to be the case for your current working directory?

I have looked and I don’t know

If the current directory is not a git repository then the possible reasons would be:

a) The git repository is broken in some way
b) You haven’t created a repository in this directory
c) You’re in the wrong directory

How can you find out which is the case, and what can be done about it?

Ok, I’ll start over and then I’ll see what is problem. I don’t know english very well so it’s difficult to me.Thank you very much for explaining

Where do you come from ?

  1. You must change directory, then you type : cd my-quizzes
  2. Create a new branch : git branch bio-questions
  3. You must switch branch (“bio-questions”)…Then type : git checkout bio-questions
  4. Now use Git… Add your file (‘biology.txt’) to the staging area : git add biology.txt
  5. Finaly, you must commited your file : git commit -m “message”

Serbia. I’ll try this, and I’ll let you know what I did… Thank you!!

Opaa, ja sam francuz i srbin :smiley:

pretpostavila sam, cim pise Djole :smiley: krenula sam sve ispocetka, ako zakazem negde racunam na tebe :slight_smile:

I changed commit message and delete “Add your multiple-choice questions here” sentence in “biology.txt” and it works. Thank you

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