I can't type "~" in mac

Hi, I’m unable to get past my lesson because I can’t type “~” in my mac

If you don’t have the ~ symbol on the key to the left of “1”, then you may have to resort to one of these methods:

It also depends on your browser in Mozilla Firefox on a mac i couldn’t copy things in there and couldn’t use alt combinations…then i switched to Chrome and everything worked fine.
So first of all try different browsers. Also why did they remove the site when u click for example the here where it says : If you cant type | go here ?

I can’t quite understand what you are asking here - help me out?

When youre in git or command line i cant remember it says : When you cant type | (pipe) click here. And then theres a link but it says when you click on it topic not found or private



Maybe post the url at the top of that page as well (if you can see it) :wink:

done. :slightly_smiling: , but the problem is on multiple exercies, to be exact every single one with that or any other problem that has to do with special characters

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Thanks for spotting that!

Those Help topics have just been moved into the forums so the link was broken.

I’ll see about getting it fixed.

But remember its on multiple pages !

maybe you should think about making a topic that it doesnt work, until its fixed ?

It looks like this is getting fixed. Do you know of any other pages that are affected? Please post back here if you do, or if you spot any other broken help links. Thank you.

The broken link has been corrected in several different places.

Thanks for reporting!