I cant swing


how to only bold introduction and summary part


The bold tag is:



i am doing this with css


Make the introduction paragraph and the summary paragraph have a font-weight of bold (this is a new property for you, but it works just like the others you've learned).


you do understand how to use font-weight: bold;, right? Your struggle is with the css selector. Let me give you a hint, both introduction and summary paragraph a direct child of body.

@cadecodes, there is a exercise called can you swing it?, which is what this question is about.


thanks for d help..!! :slightly_smiling:


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This is the bold tag, actually., <b></b>. Yes, this is still valid HTML meant for visual boldness, without aural emphasis in screen readers.


<strong> is the "bold tag" taught in this course, which is why I suggested it.


I don't think it is taught specifically, but early on we are given the link to W3C.
Anybody who follows up with the reading will be well aquainted with all the HTML tags, including B and I.

<strong> is not for making text bold, though it does do that. It is for telling screen readers and search engines that the phrase is important and gets aural emphasis, this means a change of voice. Too much strong text starts to sound like shouting. This can be said for <em>, as well. B and I do not get aural emphasis, so no change of voice. This is an important disctiction.