I can't solve anything to open the admin ministration from terminal



Now I’m trying to make the Todo list from on VS Code, but I can’t do it completely since 1 month ago.

How can I fix this problem?

you mean the Error: Blank password aren’t allowed? Making a super user is useful, but I can understand that blank password are not allowed

Why not set a password? While typing the password, you might see not see any input, this is an additional security feature.

I was trying to type it in Terminal, but the password couldn’t come out.
And it says
This password is entirely numeric.
Bypass password validation and create user anyway? [y/N]:

Seems the password needs to be pretty strong. But it also offers you to bypass the the password validation? You could enter y if you want to bypass. The N is capitalized, indicating that its the default value when you enter nothing.