I can't seem to get the code right for the Colmar Academy project


Hey I can’t get the output right for the colmar academy project.
Can someone help and provide the code.

Hey @kushagraagarwal42072! We aren’t able to give you the code for exercises. Please give us your code and tell us what trouble you are having.

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I am sorry. But while trying to copy and paste the code here I lost all of it.
Can you please send the code.

you need to format your code, here is a post about it:

How to ask good questions (and get good answers)


Also like I said @kushagraagarwal42072 It’s illegal for me to send code

@stevencopland Why is it illegal for you to send code.

What is Codecademy’s Integrity Policy?

We do not, under any circumstances, tolerate cheating or dishonesty. Please do not post answers, or ask for them. Some people may help you by posting some code or showing you errors, but the goal of which must remain helping another to learn ; cheating is not tolerated. If we see anybody cheating we will delete the post, and, depending on the circumstance, possibly ban your account.

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