I cant seem to get past 11%


The big thing that is not working, and maybe I am just mistaken but when I type in the cd feb/memory it does not work the same as it did with cd jan/memory. Please help?


clear : use that if you want to clear your terminal
pwd : use that to find out what directory you in are now
ls : use that to find out what is in the directory

First use those to explore to see where you are and what you have nearby. Then try your cd command.

Post a screen shot or a copy/paste of your terminal session so I can see what you see.


I think I actually just found the solution, it was telling me to type it in all at the same time rather than navigating to it.
Thank you for your help.


just to be clear can you be clearer on what exactly we'd have to type?


If you are talking about this task:

Change the directory to the 2015/feb/ directory.

That is asking you to use the cd command like this:

cd 2015/feb/


Hi, I cant get passed 11%. This is what i typed in:
$ cd 2015/feb/
$ pwd
$ ls
circuit-board.txt input-output.txt power-supply.txt

It does not give de "ok" to continue to step 2. Please help !


Your commands are correct.

I don't have a sure fire solution, here are some things to try.
- reload/refresh the webpage
- try using the Reset Code button
- try a different web browser


Yeah, after refreshing some times it worked ! Thanks mann ! :+1:


That help t me so much thanks for the advice now I can get passed 11%.