I can't see the code I'm meant to copy-paste

Throughout this course, there have been many points where it has told me things such as:

_**"Below the <h2> element that says About Brown Bears, add <p> opening and closing tags, and inside of the tags put the following text:"**_

yet, there is no such text to be seen. I have been following every single step, but it seems that either the course isn’t updating the text that should be there upon the next step, or it isn’t explaining to me that these parts need to be typed in by me, or where to put them. Something is missing, and it’s very frustrating.

For it to keep asking me to add things above or below text in the code box that isn’t even there, makes absolutely no sense. If anyone else has had this issue and could offer some assistance, that would be great.

  • Corey

Hey Corey, I’m not seeing that issue myself. Would you mind taking a screenshot of what you’re seeing and speak to that image? That will help us to better understand your question / issue.


Hi there! I appreciate how quick you were in trying to help! I am very sorry it has taken me so long to reply…

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of just one example…

as you can see, it’s asking me to type code below other code that isn’t even there… Seems quite odd to me, and i’m very confused lol

Trying to continue, I have ran into 3 more of these already… here is another one (it will only let me post 1 per post)

Hey there, it looks like you’re using Internet Explorer, which is likely the source of your problems. At Codecademy we recommend that you use Chrome.

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