I can't see anything I write


So, I'm on the mobile site on my IPhone, but I can't see anything I'm doing in the work area. Is this normal or can I do something about it?


@locbui9868yahoo_com YA IT'S NORMAL


yea, competely normal. Codecademy isn't desigend for mobiles, and it doesn't need to be. Programming is something you do on a computer, not a iphone


and how did you make it to codeacademy without an error or something saying that you can't use this app on that device


codecademy has an app (which you can download for both android and ios i believe) which you can download if you want to code on mobile, apart from that, who the !@#$% programs on a phone?


i don't i live with wild animals so i can't have a phone well i choose not to have one :grin: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No it doesn't

Watch the caps.

Yes it's normal. As stetim94 said, Codecademy is not designed to be used on mobile devices and it doesn't need to be. This is because, like stetim94 also pointed out, programming/coding is something you would do on a computer, not a smartphone, tablet, etc. and Codecademy is designed to show you how to code, as you would in real life. That means on a computer, not on your phone at the bus stop, so making it possible to code on Codecademy on a mobile device would be pointless, as you would never do this in reality, although I get where you're coming from.