I cant see all that im typing glitch (help)

I cant seem to see all that I’m typing. like it will show the first few characters that I type or for the already existing code, but that’s it. What do I do?

Hi @arcrockstar63695,

Tell us about:

  • What kind of computer you see this problem on, was it a desktop/laptop/tablet/etc?
  • Have you tried on another computer? Did it do the same thing on that other computer?
  • What operating system did you see this happening on?
  • What web browsers have you seen the problem with?

Can you include a screenshot showing the problem?

Your answers will allow people who are interested in helping you try to reproduce your problem.

I was having the same problem the past two days, but it was only for one particular learning module. However, switching from IE to Chrome fixed it instantaneously.