I can't right click and paste on the interface. It did this to me in the html clas also. What can I do? key commands don't work either


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Codecademy has made it now where you can’t copy and paste in its lessons anymore. But you can use control c and control v to copy and paste as normal. I use those almost everyday for Lessons and Forum Help. So your key commands should work assuming that is what you are referring too.

Control C and V do not work

Well it probably is a problem on your end and not Codecademy’s because I can do both control C and control V from my computer. When copying and pasting with control C and V make sure you have your text highlighted and selected and with your mouse over the text hit control c. I know sometimes when I copy and paste my copy doesn’t always work so I am very careful when copying code.

No idea. It didn’'t work in the HTML class either. It works in other programs like word and excel.

Thanksfor your help though. I have been typing in all web addresses by hand

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