I cant make the img a link

i need help on lesson one q 13

If you want to add a link to the image you must put the image between the first part of the link tag and the terminal one

<a href="xxx"> <img src="yyy" /></a>

What is bugging you?
To make image a link, you have to write it like this

<a href="www.google.com"><img src="google.jpg" /></a>

Inside href attribute of a element you put where you want it to redirect, and in src of img you put the picture you want to display. It’s easy as that!

Along with the two responses above, the code given is correct, but explained the reason the <a href=""></a> goes around the <img src=""/> is so the image is clickable, or it turns the image into an image link. The <img src=""/> is where you link the image address, so after src=" paste your image link and add " after it so it’s <img src="image address"/>

i need help with q 11