I cant go thru


You have done
Points 1 and 3
You forgot to define the point 2

You should correctcorrect your image to have this syntax also use same syntax when adding in another Image.

<img src="img-url.jpg" />

i did but it still said the same thing

Just add a normal image above your opening a tag, and make sure the end of your img tags are both self-closing, like this:

<img src="..." />

Note this space and the /.

Please paste in your updated code

You need a </a> after your <img> tag that’s already there, and you need a normal image (no link) above the opening <a href="....

You haven’t changed anything like me and @leonhard.wettengmx.n suggested…

you have to add two image

1.just image
2.image with link


	<a href="url><img src="url/></a>	


thank you i got it :slight_smile:

Well done.