I cant get the prompt part in the beginning

Does anyone know what to do with the prompt that asks where someone is from. It keeps saying I got it wrong

Prompt syntax for assigning the answer to a variable:

var myAnswer = prompt("Question?");

@jibblyj I am asking the question. I just started it isn’t talking about syntax yet. Just saying type prompt(“Where you from”); and it still says I got it wrong

You need a question mark at the end, too - SCT is very strict in the first few lessons.

I just gave you a syntax example so that you understand how it works, as I just assumed that you didn’t.

Do you get a popup window with your question in it?

I am also having the amen issue

Same issue?
Please post your code and error message.

The question is about doing a prompt asking where someone is from. I did just like the example. Here is what I did:

prompt(“Where are you from?”);

But it kept giving me an error message

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What’s the error message?

No error message in the box but when I click on “Save and submit”, it says

Oops, try again. Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!

Can I see your full code?

Also, technically that counts as an error message - it’s a message that is describing the error (kinda).

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Does the prompt pop up from your browser? If not you may have a pop-up blocker on and you’ll need to take it off for this site. It’s expecting the prompt to return “ok” after you click the “ok” button.

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the prompt does not show up in the browser. It did pop up previously so it isn’t blocked. Like what @marbee_ said it says that the code was wrong

I typed
prompt(“Where are you from?”)

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No I don’t. It says that I got the example wrong.

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I know for sure that it is not a pop up. I am working on my surface and I don’t know how to screen shot… yes. Basically, I have tried it all and it still doesn’t work. I am kind of tuck. Is there a way to skip it?


I have the same problem

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Do not click the Cancel button, or press the Esc key or you will get this error. Click Okay of press Enter.

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Thank you! А pop-up window did not appear. Вut now is fine.

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When you ran the code no pop-up?

Refresh the page to restore JavaScript and try again. You should get the prompt dialong. Just click Okay.

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I mistranslated. It was the prompt dialong. It does not appear. But now everything is in order.