I cant get past the first exercise


Hello I'm new to programing from Canberra in Australia. I'm am just starting coding and am unsure of how do to it. What is a syntax error? as I cant get past the first exercise.
1""Hello this is the news
2and python is interesting.
3 """"
was my first comment but it has a syntax error.
Can anyone help?
thank you Nichola

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Multi-line strings are surrounded by triple quotes.

Strings are not comments, but they get ignored when they are not used.
In certain places they create docstrings which are used to explain what a module/class/function does

Syntax is patterns that the parser (part of the interpreter/compiler) knows what to do with. If you write something that doesn't match those patterns, then a syntax error gets raised while trying to read your code.


the problem is in line 3"""
correct is 3""


''' this is
a comment
3 single quotes'''

"""this is
a comment
3 double quotes"""

I like to use #