I can't get ahead even though i think i'm right


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Hi, you have to print out the even numbers starting with 18 counting down to 0 in one line.

I think it was intended to use loop do but you can also do it with a foor loop if you include 18 and 0.


shall i began with loop do?


loop do is cover in the prior lesson.

loop do
  # do something
  break if condition



still same error showing


some1 plzz resolve it all u intelligent minds


You are still not printing 18.


Reset you'r code and start from scratch, that might help. Once you have done that try changing i = 20 to i = 19 to start out with.


There are (theoretically) multiple solutions, but you should follow the instructions otherwise you could find yourself lost. Changing i =20 to i = 19 Cccooouuulllddd work but I'm not sure, I used a different way and am experimenting with what I just said. Alternatively put 2 == 1 somewhere in the code, I think you can find it out!


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