I cant find the module i was working on last night!

Hey, im in a bit of a strange situation… I was working through my coursework yesterday, and i believe i was simply moving from module to module and i ended up working on one that was “open ended”, essentially it didn’t have any guided steps, it was simply a project where we were expected to use codeacademy and our own resources to achieve a goal without any guided steps. When i went online and tried to continue my course, when i hit resume it put me back into the next module and i cant seem to find that specific assignment anywhere!

I’m currently working through section 5 of the computer science course. When i go to details of section 5, the specific assignment i was working on isn’t referenced anywhere! (that i can find).

Can anyone help link me to the assignment??

The assignment gave us four emails, and we had to design functions to censor specific words and phrases from those emails.

If anyone could help me find this assignment it would be much appreciated! I was really enjoying it,

This one? https://www.codecademy.com/practice/projects/censor-dispenser


it is! i hadn’t seen the practice section before, thank you!

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