I can't find my social profiles when I add them

On my codecademy profile settings [https://www.codecademy.com/profiles/testtest3107144048/edit]
There is an option to add Twitter, Github, Personal Website, …etc but when I add them, they don’t show on my profile. Why ? or Where it displays my social profiles ?

As you can see on my profile here:

They display underneath your photo and username with links. If you save changes they should be updated right away, so make sure that when you’re editing the profile you’re saving the changes at the bottom right of the page, and that the websites and socials you are entering are valid links.

I added a test information as you can see in the image below but the information didn’t show up on my profile
My profile: https://www.codecademy.com/profiles/sherlock124

Unfortunately I don’t work at Codecademy and so couldn’t tell you if this is a bug or not. If you are sure that you are looking at the same profile you are editing, and you have clicked “Save Changes” on the bottom right of the page, best I can suggest is contacting the support team, as this forum isn’t used for reporting bugs found.