I can't find any images that work in html

I am 50% through the html and CSS course my biggest challenge throughout this course is finding images, any images that work.

All I can find are links that don’t work, I feel that code academy should provide a source, after all we only need 9+ images to make the table work

I’d like to finish the course but feel like giving up :frowning:

Click at any image and open it in a new tab + copy the link and use it.
If link is long, short it using bitly services!

when you make your own website ,No one will find images for you but you’ll have to find. :slight_smile:
I went through same thing tho haha

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OK got there eventually

As greentreemee says, finding free stock images for your site is a real bind and eventually everyone creating html content’s going to find this out :frowning:

I still think codeacademy could make this easier for newbie’s

Nice tip about the short URL, code was looking a bit untidy with the originals

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