I can't connect to Codecademy

Most often, connection issues with Codecademy are caused on the client side due to ad-blocker, browser, or firewall settings. Checking and correcting for these possible problems is usually the fastest way to solve for connection issues.

First things first, try to access Codecademy through another browser, or with a browser in incognito mode with all the add-ons and blockers turned off. If this solves the problem, it’s probably something to do with your configuration, so check your browser settings. Same thing applies to trying with a different device – are you able to connect to Codecademy with your account on a different device? If so, check your computer and your browser settings.

Don’t discount where in the world your computers are, either! The network you use at work, school, or elsewhere may have a firewall or a proxy in place for security reasons. A side effect of this is that you have limited access to Codecademy. You will be able to visit Codecademy but not everything works properly. You may also run into this if you are using Wi-Fi in places like cafes and libraries. If you find that you have no trouble accessing Codecademy from home but when you are away you find the lessons won’t load or submit as expected then this could be the problem.

If you’re at work or school, ask the tech support team to see whether firewall settings are restricting your access to Codecademy. Let them know that we use port 80.

It is possible that your own home network has been locked down to improve your network’s security. If that is the case, and depending on if this was done by you or is part of your family’s parental control settings, this will be something that you or your parents can correct.

These are the necessary URLs that will need to be whitelisted for Codecademy to fully work:


If you are still having problems, please check out this guide in our Customer Support Help Center.