I can't complete 'CSS Selectors' section

Hello, everyone my issue has nothing to do with coding.So today i finished everything on HTML&CSS section except pro content.But i realized it does not say that i finished it and so i checked and saw that my progress was 99% complete then i checked which one i was missing and they all are completed but when i say continue it leads me to the fifth exercise in CSS Selectors section which i linked down below.In that section as well it is marked as complete and i tried redoing it too.None works.


Not sure what causes this but as a perfectionist it bugs me a lot i would be glad if you could help me with it.

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Hello @percevali,

Sometimes, Codecademy sections don’t register as being completed if you haven’t gone to the next exercise. So, just finish that exercise, and move on to the next one, and then it should be fixed. If it isn’t, then can you reply back with additional details? Thanks!

Unfortunately it didn’t work.I added a link down below which is the page codeacademy takes me when i click on continue from my main page and as it can be seen it is marked as complete but in the course schedule thing it is only 95 complete hence the whole thing is only 99 percent complete.Sorry i cannot provide you with any error messages etc since the problem doesn’t produce any.Thank you for your suggestion btw @bartholomewallen

I really don’t like flooding but is anyone gonna answer ? I first decided to send a ticket about this but i couldn’t find any such thing in the website.So i would be grateful if someone could come up with a solution.

Could you do one more round, starting with the exercise that it keeps returning you to, and SLOWLY, click every “Save & Submit Code” button?

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That did the trick thank you very much.

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