I can't be the only one...?

Is there anyone else here who is currently enrolled in a bootcamp that they paid a lot of money to attend, only to find that it is nearly impossible to actually learn using the format being used to teach? I am here out of frustration and glad to have this resource to get me through my bootcamp.:smile:

Constructive criticism on how things can be improved is always welcome.

What is wrong with the format being used?

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Not enough hands on and too much scraps of info given expecting you to
Google and be able to completely understand what they want you to do with
the scraps. I appreciate your site so much for explaining everything
clearly and making me use it immediately in an exercise.

fair point, but there are two sides to this:

You will see this a lot as well once you get a job, the objective might not be very clear, you might even need to find the pieces of information yourself, so the earlier you get used to this, the better. Learning to read documentation and so on

As for the lessons, go fiddle with the code, make it yours before implementing it into a program. Take more time if you need it

I know, as a beginner, this might be overwhelming. My perspective on the matter is different, given the intense course is by far not my first programming experience. I can see why this might be overwhelming for new programmer

You see this more often with programming courses (cs50 on edx, which you can audit for free, feel free to have a look) also throws you into the deep, and expects you to swim. Some people can handle this better, other people might need a little more time and preferable start with shallower waters.

I think by doing the free content on codecademy before going into pro-intense will prepare you better.

Programming stays very difficult, it will never be easy, if it was easy, everyone could do it.

I will make sure your feedback is heard, i hope you can also see some value in my perspective :slight_smile:


I understand and agree with you. I also have experience as an instructor
and course developer in another technical field so what I am expressing is
based on personal experience and knowing good course content and teaching
modalities. People learn differently so all forms of learning need to be
available. And maybe there should be pre-requisites for entry into boot
camps. A true beginner in this situation is not feeling supported. The
one thing the company does right is encourages students helpin each other
and the mentors are awesome. They know the curriculum needs an overhaul
and are in process.

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Hey @devnic13 just to clarify are you talking about a Codecademy product (like Pro Intensives) when you’re talking about a bootcamp, or are you talking about another product by a different company?