I cannot move forward with this exercise. Help Please!


This is the exercise I am stuck on, instruction #2 says: Under your age variable, use console.log to print it to the console. https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-javascript/lessons/variables/exercises/create-a-variable-ii?action=lesson_resume

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var age = 32;

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When I run the code, it prints out 32, which is what it is asking me to do, but it marks the instruction as wrong and I can't move on to instruction #3.

I cannot get access to the course now, but I guess you should remove the console.log(age); line, cause you’ve been asked just to create a var.

The instruction says: .
Under your age variable, use console.log to print it to the console.
The hint it provides says:
Put age within the parentheses of a console.log to print it to the console.

As far as I understand it, it’s asking me to print the variable on the console using the console.log

Just in case, I deleted that line as you suggested and ran the code again. It still won’t let me move past that part.

everything seems right, try another browser

I was using Chrome, and I tried it on IE with the same results…

where is your strength var? It says your coed should be under it

I deleted the strength variable to see if it would work without it, when I first started that part of the exercise I had everything from the previous exercise on the screen. It wasn’t working with the strength variable either.

Copy and paste everything from the previous exercise, so the codecademy will see what she wants. That stuff was on purpose.

Thanks, Edwin. I restarted the exercises from the beginning and did the copy/paste. It works now.

No, Spanish is. I’m from Argentina. :grin:

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