I cannot move forward, help please (12 сss)

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Change me to Verdana.

Change me to Courier.

Make me purple!

` CSS: h1 { font-family:verdana } h3 { font-family:courier } p { color:purple } /*my comment*/

what’s wrong here?
Oops, try again. Did you remember to make your h1 font-family Verdana?

I cannot see your HTML pls use the correct editing format

Verdana is spelled with uppercase first letter.

@zainabrawat, keep in mind you don’t get notification/unread from a edit

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/my comment/

p.s. nothing is changed
Oops, try again. Did you remember to make your h3 font-family Courier?

look now at code pls

courier change the C to uppercase

wow, it’s work, thx
but why so?
i saw that font is changed, but i can’t pass that

What error you getting ?

Certain font-family’s are with uppercase letter, others with lowercase letters. The browser might catch this mistake and correct this mistake (or the codecademy IDE did), either way, the checking script wanted you to do it correctly, and is programmed in such a way that you have to use uppercase first letter

now i pass it, thanks
my eng is bad , you know)
but when verdana and courier are written in lowercase font change but it is impossible to pass this untill you write in upper case, it’s strange…

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as @stetim94 said the proper way certain fonts need uppercase others don’t but the reason why you saw the change is because the browser or cadecademy IDE picks up the mistake and runs the correct format…

ok, I understand , thank you
I did not expect such quick answer
you really helped me :slightly_smiling:

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np at all,

Whoever is online will help you as soon as they can

Happy coding !

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