I cannot find my course progress

I cannot seem to find the progress of my full stack development course on the homepage or through any link. I have attached an image showing what my homepage currently looks like.

Can anyone help me get my course progress back? I have already contacted Codecademy via email, but I haven’t had a response yet.

That’s one I haven’t seen before! No idea if it’ll help or not, but have you tried clearing your cache? Old cookies seem to have caused a lot of trouble for users lately.

Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that, but nothing happened.

Darn. Hoping you’ll hear back from the team soon, then!

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Hmm, @mattliv known issue? Or something we should report?

Hey @alyssavigil This user along with a few others who were experiencing the same thing reported this to us on Saturday. We were able to resolve it and it hasn’t come up again since so this should be all set!

Hey, @mattliv
Indeed the issue was fixed, but it has come up again now in a slightly different manner.

I had pinned the “Workspace” tab in my browser, so I am able to resume my work through the path. But as shown in the attached picture, I cannot find the course from the homepage nor can I see my progress percentage.

Any ideas?

Hi @m.sherif.lutfy hmmm. I can take a look into this for you and notify our team to see if there’s something weird going on. Do you mind submitting a ticket through the help center as well so that we can track this from our support team queue?

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Actually @m.sherif.lutfy no need to submit. I’ve got it from here.

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@m.sherif.lutfy it should be fixed now! In the future please submit requests like this through out help center here: Codecademy Help Center

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@mattliv Absolutely appreciated. Thank You!!
Hopefully, this issue won’t arise in the future, but I will make sure to submit future requests through the appropriate medium.