I cannot add scene-1.txt to the git staging area

I have the same problem: I cannot add scene-1.txt to the git staging area. I input the command git add scene-1.txt, but I always get the output fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git . What am I doing wrong?

type this it will work

git init

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It sounds like you aren’t in the right directory. Check to see where you are and what files/directories are there with you.

I’m in the home directory, and the two files in it are scene-1.txt and add_test.rb

Dude you’re awesome thanks it worked

Can you please tell me how , I keep writing : git add scene-1.txt but it doesnt work :confused:

git init
git add scene-1.txt

Look at striker81421’s answer

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thank you :slight_smile:


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