I cannot add an img from computer

I have added two IMG links but my assignment says to have atleast one be a link, and the other not. Im not sure how to list the pathway because Im not sure where its relative to.

I cannot add an img from computer

If you are working online link on the CC course, in order to use an image from your pc you would need to add it online so that you have a URL to link it to… Read here for full explanation :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you saying, could you rephrase?

If its a CC course please paste in the URL and your code

if this is the lesson’s, you can you use relative paths since you can’t upload something to the codecademy server, use absolute paths

listen if you are learning from the website you cannot add any images from your computer but if you are coding on the computer itself(like coding from notepad++) you can add the images from computer by typing the image name.the image kind(like png and jpg)

<img src="Cow.png"/>

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