I Cancelled my PRO Subscription free trial early but it still billed me!

My trial was supposed to end on May 6th. I cancelled my trial today, May 5th, and as soon as I did I get a notification from Paypal saying I spent $39.99. What the heck is happening?

Hello @_thed0ct0r, welcome to the forums!
On the forums, we can’t help much with billing; there is a help desk which does help with billing. They should get back to you with 48 hours, I think.

I just made a ticket there. This is a massive inconvenience. I’m sure timezones are a possible cause for this issue, but its super annoying because the trial never mentioned a specific billing time in MY timezone. So how was I supposed to know when to cancel last minute?

Hello @_thed0ct0r, as far as I know, once you submit a ticket, there’s not much else to do (I don’t work for CC or anything like that, so I could be wrong.)

Alright well… Guess ill wait. Thanks

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