I can not solve first sentence in transformation table


Hello. I can not solve first sentence in transformation table
"Select ten rows from the flights table " can you pls help me? thx

SQL :Table transformation

Hi Robert,

What do you think would be a sensible first guess at doing that?


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i have had trouble with that too i still cant answer it



Think about this.

I have four friends and we all want to play on the PS3 but there are only 2 PS3 controllers to play. So only only 2 players are allowed to play at one time.

So in the problem out of the 100+ rows you are only asked to display 10 rows at one time.

Here's the link for practice: https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/learn-sql/lessons/queries/exercises/limit?action=lesson_resume


SELECT * FROM flights LIMIT 10;


I am having trouble with this one as well, I tried that line of code and it did not work, any suggestions


well, actually it did work after I copied and pasted it, must have misspelled something, thank you


Missing a semicolon. Notice that :relieved:


remove first SELECT * FROM flights;
tap SELECT *FROM flights LIMIT 10;


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