I can not finish Deploy Your Website


In Exercise 3/7 of Deploy Your Website I can not do it. The cd does not recognize the github directory. Can someone explain me step by step what is it to do?

@gustavoparnoff i have the same problem. Please, someone help us!

I too am experiencing the same issue. I’ve submitted a detailed bug report so hopefully it is resolved soon.

@gavatron give us a sign, when you get answer from Codecademy :slight_smile:

do not let this post die

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I also cannot finish Deploy Your Website! I sent a big report in a few days ago and still have not heard back, and it still looks like the issue hasn’t been resolved. Does anyone have any advice?

please, help me!!!

I am glad that I am not alone. i have hit a major wall with GitHub and am very frustrated. Can anyone walk me through the process from “git init” through to “git push” (stem to stern)?

Also, I am running out of time to finish the class. Are there any extensions or waivers for noobs like me?

This post makes me feel so much better about myself. Spent 40 minutes researching what I was doing wrong.


I’m not sure what all your problems are. But maybe this link has some answers for you. Link talks about 4/7 Deploy a website, but also has some answer to 3/7.

Edit: Woops, might be useful to paste the link, lol :slight_smile:

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thanks men, helped a lot!!

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