I can just use return?

How am i supposed to know from the introduction on this lesson that i can just type : return letter in word?? Also i have no idea how :

Write a function called common_letters that takes two arguments, string_one and string_two and then returns a list with all of the letters they have in common.

Is equal to:
def common_letters(string_one, string_two):
common =
for letter in string_one:
if (letter in string_two) and not (letter in common):
return common

I am so so so lost. I dont understand loops at all and now strings are killing me. I feel like I am too stupid to understand the lessons.


Did you not read the white column with the exercise-specific guide on the left? Not to mention, what you wrote works perfectly well, so I think you’re doing fine.

(Don’t mind me, I’m just here to complain about the compiler throwing TabErrors and IndentationErrors at me left and right.)


I’m glad I’m not alone in all this. I need to check out these community pages more often, since apparently I’m not alone in my constant misery going through these exercises.