I Can Count to 1100 error


I Can Count to 1100

Oops, try again. Make sure to write the answer in binary using the "0bxxx" format.

one = 0b1
two = 0b10
three = 0b11
four = 0b100
five = 0b101
six = 0b110
seven = 0b111
eight = 0b100 + 0b100
nine = 0b11 * 0b11
ten = 0b101 * 0b10
eleven = 0b101 + 0b110
twelve = 0b110 * 0b10


You need to understand what Binary number system of counting is...
Refer to this video series by Khan Academy

It will hardly take one or more hour!
If you still get problem to understand Binary ,do reply!
I hope it helps!


I am afraid that the tutorial is looking much more literally than you are!

is quite correct (and so are the rest), but the only the only thing that will get through the tutorial is eight = 0b1000 and so on.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Tim F


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