I Can Count to 1100! 3/14



I thought I was following the directions but I guess not. Can someone help me understand?

Here's my code

one = 0b1
two = 0b10
three = 0b11
four = 0b100
five = 0b101
six = 0b11111
seven = 0b111111
eight = 0b1111111
nine = 0b11111111
ten = 0b111111111
eleven = 0b1111111111
twelve = 0b11111111111


You don't keep putting 11111111111111111111111's you have to have 0 in to like 4 = 0b100

one = 0b1
two = 0b10
three = 0b11
four = 0b100
five =0b101
six =0b110
seven =0b111
eight =0b1000
nine =0b1001
ten =0b1010
eleven =0b1011
twelve =0b1100


it's a pattern for every 1 in a function there is a zero


Thank you so much for helping me understand.


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Please, i haven't figured this out yet. Someone said for 1 in every function, there is a 0.

I've tried looking at it, it doesn't seem to follow. Can someone please break it down for me!


Hi there. if you still need help, there is a nice youtube videos that explains it nicely on how to binary works.
(0) 0b0 - Start at 0
(1) 0b1 - STart back at 0 again, but add 1on the left
(2) 0b10 - Start back at 0 again, but keep the 1 on the left
(3) 0b11 - Change the 0 again to 1
(4) 0b100 - start back at 0 again, and add 1 to the number on the left but that number is
already at 1 so it also goes back to 0
(5) 0b101
(6) 0b110
(7) 0b111
(8) 0b1000 - Start back at 0 again (for all 3 digits), add 1 on the left
(9) 0b1001

Hopefully this will help


Thank you for this. If i can get a link to the youtube video I wouldn't mind. This binary thing isn't yet clear.


Here is a youtube link.

I hope it helps you too like it helped me to understand it better


Thank you Sir, I'll go through it later. I appreciate your kind assistance!


This video made it so simple. Thank you for sharing!


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