I built a chat app for my class thanks to codecademy

I started coding right after high school but then I quit because I thought that it was too difficult this was two years ago. I joined again early last year and right now I have built a chat app for my class that runs on javaScript both on the client and the server. I have also used semantic ui for the front-end. I had used materializecss in the first version because Im a big fan of material design but I made a mistake while pushing the code to github so I lost all of my work and had to restart again and so I used semantic UI for the front-end. What I can say is programming is tough especially when you are just a beginner. The only way around that is practicing and practicing. The best part is once you master one language you can easily pick up another because a variable in python is still a variable in ruby or java, the only difference being one of syntax.

The chatting section

This is where we engage as a class and have small conversations. There is also a section where we can view the timetable and the class representative and I are the only people who can edit it. The rest of the class can only view it.
Its fairly simple.
If you are a newbie keep on practicing. and pay attention to the minor details. :slightly_smiling:


that’s neat :grinning: