I believe there may be a glitch, or maybe i'm overlooking?


I am on cascading with css.

It keeps telling me "oops! did you forget to bold the introductary or and summary paragraphs?"

And i know i did.

I set both paragraphs up with the div tags, and i set the div with { font-weight: bold; }

I can see the two paragraphs bold up on the sample page with writing on it.

is there a way around this?


The lesson is probably looking for you to have the CSS selector actually be the paragraphs, not the divs. It'd be helpful if you put your code in the post, but try changing your selector to p instead of div if I'm not misunderstanding what it looks like right now.


If you weren't doing a lesson it'd work just fine how you're doing it now btw


The whole point of the exercise is to use css only, so it doesn't accept what you tried to do. Reset the html code, and try to use > to grab direct children, the introduction and summary paragraph are both direct children of body