I asked for help, still no help


The big if

this is the Error i'm given although my code is fine
Oops, try again. Make sure to use at least one boolean operator.

I have the BOOLEAN operator but it still says i'm missing it

def the_flying_circus():
     if 1 > 2:
          print "The example was succesful!"

 #As I told, if the statement is True, you get the output to the console.

     elif 1 < 2:
          print "Something went wrong."
         pootis = True

 #This one isn't True, so the output is "The example was Succesful."


I didn't told you to do the code like I did, it was just an example. But anyway, in this case you must return True or False instead of printing a string. Also, you are using only comparators. You need a boolean, so choose one of these booleans (and, or, not) and use them to put some extra requirements for the code.


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