I am very confused and frustrated

Just a newby. I just finished the JavaScript Conditionals lesson and nothing seems to make sense. I got to the first project and after creating the first var. I was lost. To me this is like trying to learn a foreign language. you need to learn the vocabulary, grammar, punctuation. I wish I could find a book to explain the language of the code that I am trying to learn! The lessons just tell you what to do without much explanation, or practice. Sorry this is so long.

Can we have a link to the lesson? Also, the cheatsheets from Codecademy are also very useful. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/introduction-to-javascript/modules/learn-javascript-control-flow/cheatsheet

Sorry I don’t know how to link to the lesson. I have printed the Cheatsheets

You can get the link by copying the URL and pasting it here.

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There are plenty of great ones out there, too. Only thing is they all present with one proviso… It is the reader who opens the book, not the book that opens the reader. Start by first investing yourself and in return be granted the expectation that your hard work guided by the book will give you the outcome you desire, or deserve.



It’s totally ok and normal to be overwhelmed.

A good first start is to get good references and have small goals. Your language learning analogy is great! It takes a lot of focused repetition to digest new ideas and concepts.

Here are some helpful online references (although I personally find physical book copies to be easier to read):
Documentation (if you ever need to see how something works): MDN Web Docs
Free book (not only technique, but also bigger-picture concepts): https://eloquentjavascript.net/

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Thanks. I will check those out.

As far as books go, a small annual investment in special interest sites like, sitepoint, et al. opens up a world of free e-books, or at the very least, low cost.

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if you don’t mind putting in some links that would be great. Thanks.

sitepoint - Google Search

Thanks for the help.

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